zedaka has always been one of Klal Yisroe'’s strengths. It is what keeps us together as a nation. Because to love, is to give,

As the world advances, different charity systems have been created, making it so much easier to donate to important causes.

However, most of these platforms are online.

Lack of internet access and filtered computers within the frum communities make the Heimish population need a kosher charity system in place, to enable them to donate to their causes, without having to interact online.

Meet: Venosnu

Venosnu was founded to enable people the convenience of donating money to important causes, all the while sticking to boundaries.

The advanced technology and software that Venosnu possesses, allows both teams and

their donors to stay informed with campaign updates, without having to interact online. Additionally, Venosnu is currently in the process of obtaining TAG and Meshimer certification so that everyone has the ability to donate in the most kosher way possible ©



With multiple commands

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With a professional IVR system

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Just to donate

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SMS Texts

We want things to be easier for you. Venosnu offers SMS text messages as an option to donate and keep track of the campaign. The system works flawlessly and is executed perfectly. There are multiple function options that do different commands.

This keeps people in the loop, and excites them as they can be updated about the status of the campaign


Phone system

Our advanced phone systems make managing campaigns effortless and simple.

Full IVR (interactive voice response) allows you to state the reason for your call and helps guide you through clear instructions.

Automatic donations can easily be placed through the phone system.

The phone system gives you access to listen to any of your custom messages that have been sent in your honor

By using the phone system, find out information about the campaign, and where it is up to. Additionally, you can hear your team updates as well as other team updates, and see where you and other teams are ranked on the leadboard.

Listen to the number of people who have donated to your team or others.

The phone system allows you to speak with a live representative at the campaign headquarters at any time of day.



The Venosnu website has been built with much skill and thought which is clearly evident in the final kosher product:

A minimalistic website designed to be easy to navigate.

The website is a single landing page, featuring an image regarding the campaign, an ‘about’ section describing the campaign, followed by a payment form. The simple user interface helps donors donate without the usual distractions.